In order to organize a wonderful wedding, attention to details is fundamental from the beginning to the end of that magic day, when the wedding banquet ends with a good last coffee. During that exact moment, when the guests don’t expect it, it is pleasant to surprise them with a special sugar sachet created exactly to accompany the coffee of that special occasion.
This is just one of the uses that one could do with customized sugar sachets. They are often inserted in party favours, used as placeholder, and given as a final gift to remember that wonderful day.
Even if the most desired shape for Wedding Sugar Sachets is an hearth, they can be manufactured in every format of the Sugar Line. The standard quantity is 5 kg, which corresponds to 1,000 sachets. However, it is also possible to wrap only 2.5 kg.
The future spouses can freely decide how to personalize the sugar sachet indicating their desired printing colours, sentences that they may want to include, graphic fonts, and their favourite pictures and drafts. In alternative, they can also choose a sugar sachet among the samples published in this website The graphic department will be happy to advice and support the future spouses in the realization of the ideal sugar sachets that better fit the needs and the tastes of each couple.
Usually, future spouses choose to print the following information:
– Spouses’ names or monogram
– Wedding date
– Either a draw related to the wedding theme or a picture of the spouses
– A sentence to thank the guests
The front and the back of the sachet can have either the same or different graphic, without any price difference.
For ordering your wedding sugar sachets, you need to make the request and then confirm the price by replying to the e-mail that you will receive. Then, we will print a sample following your instructions. In order to proceed, you will need to approve the sample through e-mail, where you will also specify the required information for issuing the invoice and for the delivery (e.g. name and surname, address, phone number, and social security code). After that, we will manufacture your order that will be packed in an elegant box and finally delivered to you.
An original idea that could complement your Wedding Sugar Sachets, are dragees. They can be individually enveloped in either a transparent or a white customizable wrap. The minimum quantity you can order is 3 kg, which corresponds to around 800 pieces. They can be used as a party favour and they can be thrown by the spouses at the exit of the church. Indeed, thanks to their packaging they remain clean and can still be savoured afterwards.
To conclude the selection of our offering specifically thought for weddings, there are refreshing towels for cleaning your hands. They are ideal for a lunch or dinner including fish, and they are available also in the version lemongrass, which can be useful to drive away annoying mosquitos during a warm summer evening. They are available in different formats (6×8 cm, 7×10 cm, 7×14 cm) and in three different scents: Lemon, Green Tea, Citrus, Lemongrass, Lavander, Red Rose, Millefiori and Bergamot.

Delivery time (through courier): 10-15 days after your approval of the sample.
Payment: Advanced bank transfer.
Personal Zucchero is at the service of the future spouses to make an unforgettable day even more special.
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