Collecting is not just a hobby. It requires care and passion. Personal Zucchero supports the increasing phenomenon of glycophilia by offering several solutions for sugar sachets lovers.
These are the possible choices:
– COLLECTION BOX: Box, on demand, containing sugar sachets in mixed format (from 4 to 10 pieces per work). This set will refer to all the works that Personal Zucchero will produce at the time of the request (without the possibility of choosing). The collector can ask either for full sachets (the number of pieces can vary according to the format and paper density. On average it will contains around 2,000 sachets) or for empty sachets (the box can contain between 1.5 and 2 Kg of material. In this case, the number of sachets is hard to define, but estimated to be around 3,000/5,000 pieces)

– SET IN BAGS: Sachets of 1Kg, equal to 200 full sachets. This solution applies only to the sachets that Personal Zucchero produces for special festivities and to the special series still in commerce.

– SET LIMITED EDITION: Sets that are not under production anymore and, therefore, that became rare. In this case, the set of 4 or 8 sachets is sold singularly.
Personal Zucchero also allows collectors to create their own set, supporting them in the graphic realization of their project and providing them a product printed in high definition.
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In order to make a purchase, you only need to choose the set or product you wish and ask for a pre-emption. Personal Zucchero will promptly reply to you with the instruction for payment and delivery.

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